2020 Election

We Could House Every Homeless Vet With Border Wall Money

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On New Year’s Eve, Beto O’Rourke posted a powerful video that outlines the many reasons why building a border wall would be a massive waste of money. Check it out.

It’s a crime to waste more than $5 billion on something that won’t achieve its objectives and that will actually make a negative impact on many Americans. It’s even more criminal when you think about the good things we could do with $5 billion.

CNN’s Bill Weir offers up a good idea:

What’s funny is: Housing homeless vets would help Trump win reelection, while using a government shutdown to force funds for a border wall will get him nowhere.

But this is the hill that Trump has shamefully chosen to lose upon, and lose he will if we all put in the hard work to elect Democrats in 2020.

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