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Houston Pastor Calls Democrats ‘Godless’

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Here’s a fun one: Houston pastor Ed Young says that Democrats are “basically godless.” He’s not alone.

This opinion piece from the Houston Chronicle quotes anti-LGBT rights activist Dave Welch as saying that Democrats represent a “godless party” that embraces legal abortion and “moral anarchy.”

I am a Christian, and I am a Democrat. So let me quickly take those two things one at a time.

On legal abortion: I embrace policies that make abortion unnecessary. I think anyone of age to have a child should also have access to contraception. I think anyone who will someday be of age to have a child should get a robust sex education.

I also believe that all people should have access to quality, affordable health care so that there’s no fear for the cost of carrying a child and no fear for the cost of raising a child.

I further believe that we as Christians should stop looking askance at unwed mothers-to-be, and that we as Christians should be waiting with open arms to tell anyone considering an abortion that the church will cover all costs and welcome the baby into a loving home once he or she is born.

It’s these types of policies that have decreased the rate of abortion under Democratic power while rates have remained static under Republican power.

But that’s not what Ed Young and Dave Welch would accomplish if they could wave a magic wand and allow their dream policies to become law.

Here in the state of Texas, the maternal mortality rate has spiked after Republicans passed draconian abortion regulations (though the rate didn’t spike as high as initially reported).

And, on the point of moral anarchy: If the morals of today’s America don’t match the faith of Ed Young and Dave Welch, they should quit leaning on legislation and starting spreading the gospel. Go out, make a case for Christ and change hearts and minds.

That’s what evangelism is!

The problem is that Ed Young and Dave Welch would much prefer to sit on the sidelines and use money, power and influence to try and legislate the things they don’t like out of existence. I can only assume they don’t care whether anti-abortion laws really lead to a decrease in the occurrence of abortion (they don’t), and that they don’t care at all that mothers are literally dying in our state because of their line of thinking.

It’s enough to make you think that the grandstanding of so-called faith leaders like Ed Young is more about the accumulation of power and less about protecting the most vulnerable among us, both the born and the unborn.

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  1. Brien Doyle

    And the inconvenient fact that there are no gods in reality!!