2019 Legislative Session

Hey, Legislators: Please Find a Way to Lower Texas Property Taxes

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Publications around the state are starting to preview the upcoming legislative session. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram wasted no time in getting right to the point: We need our representatives and senators to find a way to lower Texas property taxes.

Why are they so high in the first place? A few reasons:

  1. By law, our legislators must come up with a balanced budget each session.
  2. To balance the budget in past years, they have chosen to spend less and less on education.
  3. Children still need public schools, so property taxes skyrocket to make up the difference.

We’ve written previously about why Texas contributes to little toward education, especially when compared to other states. The question is: Is anyone willing to do something about it?

Here in Texas, we love to flaunt our lack of a state income tax and our rainy day fund. But what good are those things doing for everyday Texans if we’re paying as much in property taxes as we are in mortgage and interest? And what good are those things if our local governments are swimming in debt?

I’m looking forward to what education-focused legislators like John Bucy and James Talarico can contribute during this year’s session. We need real and innovative ideas, and I have much more faith in progressive members of the state legislature to come up with them than conservative members.

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