2018 Election

Democracy Dies in Wisconsin

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Republicans lost big time in Wisconsin this election cycle. They lost the governorship. They lost the lieutenant governorship. They lost the attorney general’s office. They lost the secretary of state’s office. They even lost the treasurer’s office.

In a functioning democracy, a party that loses that much would do some soul-searching and seek ways to better align policy to electorate.

Not Wisconsin Republicans.

Instead, they have voted in a lame-duck session to remove power from the offices they lost and concentrate it into courts and legislatures where they still have some semblance of influence.

Outgoing Governor Scott Walker (the Republican who lost) is expected to sign these bills into law, which means that democracy dies in Wisconsin.

If this happened in another country, we would call that nation a “banana republic.” That it’s happening right here in the United States should scare us all, and it should serve as a warning to Texas Democrats when our time comes to return to power.

Wisconsin Republicans should be ashamed. There’s only one solution for those of us who still care about democracy and the rule of law — to vote out Republicans at every level, local, state, federal and otherwise, so that they see that these subversions will not be tolerated by the electorate.

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