Greg Abbott


We’ve written about the lack of a Texas Medicaid expansion in the past, and we’ve noted how Governors Rick Perry and Greg Abbott have refused the expansion (as paid for by Obamacare) to bolster their conservative bonafides.

Yes, as cynical as it sounds, it’s likely that Perry and Abbott have refused the expansion so that they could crow about it in Iowa and New Hampshire as part of future presidential campaigns.

Here’s the thing, though: Perry had the power, and Abbott still has the power, to deliver affordable health care to 1.8 million Texans who desperately need it.

New Maine Governor Janet Mills just expanded Medicaid in her state in the first few days after replacing Paul LePage — a truly sinister character in American political history:

And, in 2019 alone, several other states will follow suit:

  • Idaho
  • Nebraska
  • Utah
  • Virginia

The first three states on that list are rock-ribbed conservative bastions where even the most hardcore of right-wing voters recognizes the benefits of Medicaid expansion. Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Dakota and West Virginia are other conservative states that have embraced Medicaid expansion — because it provides tremendous benefits.

The longer the state of Texas refuses this expansion, the more glaring and indefensible the stances of Perry and Abbott will become. Imagine refusing money that would directly benefit a huge portion of your constituents? That’s what we’re dealing with.