Government Spending


In case you haven’t heard, we’re in the midst of a government shutdown. Here’s how it happened:

  1. The Republican-controlled Senate passed a continuing resolution (to keep the government funded at current levels) by a margin of 100–0.
  2. Donald Trump listened to Sean Hannity and others on Fox News complain that a CR wouldn’t fund a border wall — and said he would veto a CR.
  3. Paul Ryan (just before leaving politics with a 12% approval rating) refused to bring the Senate’s CR to the House floor, instead passing a funding bill with $5 billion for a border wall.
  4. The House bill and its border wall funding failed in the Senate.

So the government closed, and now trash is piling up in national parks, Native Americans are going without food and medicine, and, ironically enough, border patrol and immigration officers are showing up to work without getting paid and the E-Verify system (that ensures immigrants are eligible for jobs) is down.

All this due to a Donald Trump tantrum ignited by an episode of Hannity’s show.

And let’s not forget: The border wall is a massive waste of money on something that won’t help secure the border. Oh, and I can still remember a time when Donald Trump assured us Mexico would pay for the wall.


And now Donald Trump suggests this government shutdown will be the longest in history, lasting months or even a year:

No matter what you think about government spending, federal employees are real people who make modest wages that they cannot go without for weeks (much less months).

Almost 200,000 of those federal employees work right here in Texas.

So, just to recap: Real people are being hurt because Donald Trump refuses to sign a continuing resolution that the new Democratic majority in the House has passed and that the Senate passed unanimously just one month ago.

Chew on that.