2018 Election

Brazen Election Fraud in North Carolina

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There’s no such thing as voter fraud in the United States. People get struck by lightning more often than people commit voter fraud.

Of course, Republicans want you to think there’s voter fraud, because it gives them an excuse to user voter-suppression tactics like ID and signature-match laws.

And that’s what makes this really ironic: It appears that the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 9th district has committed election fraud. He’s a pastor, too, just in case you like your election fraudsters straight from central casting.

In short, the campaign of Republican Mark Harris (the aforementioned pastor) sent volunteers to collect absentee ballots. They told voters that they would be glad to submit their absentee ballots for them. After the election, strange absentee ballot patterns indicate that only some of the ballots (from Republican supporters) were returned while others (from Democratic supporters) were not.

This is not voter fraud, as Republicans pretend happens. Voter fraud is when someone who has already cast a ballot votes a second time, or when someone ineligible to vote casts a ballot anyway.

No, this is election fraud — a widespread and systematic attempt to sway the final result of a race.

Harris beat Democrat Dan McCready by just 905 votes, and election officials are refusing to certify that result.

Many are calling for a new election.

But let’s remember this: We have a huge problem in our country when one party thinks its ideas are so much better than another’s that it readily engages in criminal activity to maintain and accumulate power.

What an irony. And what a shame.

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