About Blue in the Heart of Texas

What if we all voted? Let me assure you this: If we all voted, if every single Texan registered and turned out for every single election, our state and even our country would look a lot different. And I’ll go one step further: Our state and even our country would be much better places to live.

But hardly anyone in Texas shows up to vote:

  • November 2008: 45.55% of the voting age population turned out
  • November 2010: 27%
  • November 2012: 43.73%
  • November 2014: 24.99%
  • November 2016: 46.45%

The biggest problem is that high-propensity voters typically vote for Republicans. High-propensity voters tend to be older and wealthier, and, for whatever reason, they show up every November to cast a ballot.

In Texas, we need Progressive-minded people of all ages who would walk across broken glass or burning coals to get to the polling place. Why? Because the Republicans in this state have given us:

This list could go on and on. Our state is surviving rather than thriving because Republican lawmakers don’t get the serious challenges they deserve when Election Day rolls around.

We can change this. Together, we can change this.

And that’s why Blue in the Heart of Texas exists.

There are lots of “blue” voters throughout this state. But they are discouraged by loss after loss in important local, state and federal elections. This site and its content are focused on highlighting issues that should be important to all Texans — and sharing ways that we can get involved in the push for Progress.

So check out the blog. Discover issues that are relevant to your life (and there are many, I assure you). And get out to vote each and every time you can. There won’t be any glass or coals blocking your way either, so you don’t have an excuse.

If you have any questions or comments, you can always get in touch.

Vote for change.

Vote for Progress.

Vote for Democrats in Texas.